Forskolin proved to be absolutely non-toxic

Good news for anyone worried about possible harmful effects of Forskolin. Recent studies have proved that Forskolin is absolutely non-toxic, thus confirming that Forskolin has no adverse side effects whatsoever: Miracle For Weight Loss?—Toxicity Study Shows No Negative Effects With Forskolin If you need a supplement to burn fat and increase lean muscle […]

Forskolin Helped Grow Retinal Nerve Cells

Amazing news from the science (Found at research & Development e-mag): forskolin has helped scientists grow retinal nerve cells: Researchers also found that adding a naturally occurring plant chemical called forskolin on the first day of the process helped improve the cells’ efficiency of becoming retinal ganglion cells. The researchers caution that forskolin, which is […]

Microbe-influenced diet

Recently Tim Spector published a book called “The Diet Myth”. Behind the unoriginal title the author claims that gut bacteria actually plays the main role in our nutrition, digestion, and ultimately shape&wellbeing. Behind the book there are series of experiments researching how fast food disables the good bacteria in our gut and empowers the “bad”, […]

Paleo Diet To Get Mike Willesee Healthy

Mike Willesee, 73, has decided to switch to paleo diet in the face of possible health issues. Mike has been diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs and although the situation is under control now he decided to shift to a healthier lifestyle. According to an interview, he was drinking up to three coke cans […]

Forskolin Reviews

Forskolin has been trending in all the major media lately. No wonder – this supplement is a natural and powerful metabolism booster that has a milder effect than any diet pill you can imagine. However, there is a lack of legitimate Forskolin reviews and an abundance of shady marketing tactics. One company for instance was […]

Is Forskolin A Vitamin?

You might have heard about forskolin, but you might not know for sure what it really is. Is it a vitamin maybe? Or a mineral? Not really. Let’s see what forskolin is all about. Almost nobody from the US or Europe heard about forskolin until it was featured in Dr. Oz’s show as a helpful […]

Buy Forskolin Extract To Burn Fat Where Other Supplements Fail

Forskolin extract for weight loss came about only recently when extensive media coverage introduced it to the general public. There are many great brands and you can buy the best ones online (e.g. our featured offer here). However, health benefits of the plant that Forskolin is extracted from, Coleus Forskohlii, have been known for thousands […]