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Many have been turning to forums rather than review websites and social media for unbiased Forskolin reviews. The logic behind that is sounds: a real vital community will probably filter out unreliable information and ads. This is true to some extent, but pay attention that some of the forums are swamped by marketing and ads too. Here’s a quick recap of all the trending discussions on Forskolin and whether to treat them seriously. Obviously the final decision is totally up to you, but here’s the list as I see it:

1.  Discussion at SparkPeople

Legitimate opinion exchange.

2. Bodybuilding forum

One of the oldest threads about Forskolin’s metabolism boosting properties, legitimate.

3. Men’s Health forum thread

A couple of ad links and wikipedia copy/paste. Nothing of interest.

4. Longecity thread

Forskolin through the eyes of immortality seekers, definitely worth a read.


My Review For Trace Organics Pure Forskolin

Are you happy with your current weight?
This is a question that makes most people feel uncomfortable, as they would want to be much slimmer. I’m not one of them. So I need to make a Trace Organics Pure Forskolin review to share something that worked for me.

I have been battling my own body for years. It’s not flattering for someone to make eating a hobby, but I really did. I still like to eat and I doubt that I will think differently in the future. But for a long while I loved it too much. Cooking was always the favorite hobby. There were so many recipes and such little time. It’s great to cook for your family, for the friends and even just for yourself.

But all of those culinary experiences came with a price. Diets didn’t work, probably because they are really not fit for a cook who knows so well to prepare delicious meals. Still, after trying lots of ineffective things, a friend recommended Trace Organics Pure Forskolin. Though I knew that forskolin is 100% natural, I was afraid that I’ll get the same side effects I’ve encountered before with other diet pills.

That didn’t happen. But ever since I started to take this supplement, my constant and pretty desperate need to cook and eat slowly faded away. I am not cooking when it’s unnecessary now and I’m certainly not overeating anymore. Taking Trace Organics Pure Forskolin curbed my appetite and allowed me to reach a balance.

This was priceless as you know how that constant hunger and craving can be pretty stressful. Thinking about food all the time gets embarrassing, especially when the fat gets obvious. I started to take this supplement a few months ago and I’ve lost a considerable amount of fat. My body looks nice and much slimmer. This weight loss has been gradual, so there is no yucky saggy skin. Though I don’t work out more than usual, I look quite fit. The best part is that there aren’t any side effects, apart from the energy boost that it gives you as it speeds up the metabolism and uses fat efficiently.

I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I stopped hiding my body with baggy clothes. I haven’t stopped taking it as I had lots of fat to lose and I feel that I can still look even better. But, all in all, this has really made a difference. I recommend Trace Organics Pure Forskolin to anyone who is interested in losing some weight, regardless of the extra pounds that we are talking about.

-Melissa Hyde