Forskolin and Detox Diets

detox water and forskolin

Cleansing your body from garbage is essential, especially in springtime. All the junk and grease we ate during the low-activity winter period has to be gone from our bodies so we can enjoy the sun and fun as much as we can.

All the detoxing advice should be treated with caution however. Very often bloggers and nutrition enthusiasts will recommend things that may be harmful to people with pre-existing conditions – like binge fasting or certain kinds of enemas. In general, the whole concept of “detoxing” has been treated with a lot of sarcasm in mainstream nutrition science. So far there is very little hard evidence that detox is necessary.

But detoxing feels sooooo goood. Interchanging fasting with liquid diets, juices and vegetable smoothies not only literally makes you lighter, but it also clears your mind and increases productivity.

So what do you do to both stay away from the fake gurus and to enjoy some of the practical effects of what is called detoxing? The answer is thread lightly and enjoy whatever your body loves.

“Detox waters” are a great idea. Basically the term refers to any scent-infused or vitamin enriched water that is consumed throughout the day. Bembu has a good list of those, you can find more here and here.

detox and forskolin

Oh and if you are taking Forskolin and wish to run a light “detox” program, normally you should not worry about anything. Forskolin just boosts your metabolism and has very little side effects, so a combination with some healthy drinks is unlikely to cause any harm. Then again, don’t listen to me if you have any serious conditions, and consult with your doctor whether it’s possible to detox while you supplement Forskolin.

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