Forskolin and Liver Health

Is Forskolin Bad for the Liver?

The liver is the one organ that has to manage all the toxins received by your body. Drugs affects it very much, especially if they contain liver-toxic ingredients (ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid and so on) and used for a long time.

Most people are afraid of food supplements too, especially if their liver is already weakened.

So what about Forskolin – and is it as bad as some of the drugs we often take?

The short answer is NO.


There are several origins of toxicity with natural food supplements and extracts like Forskolin. First, there are the inherent qualities of the extract and second there is the source purity and supplement quality.

First of all, Coleus Forskohlii extract does not have any negative effects on your liver. In fact, Forskolin practically has no side effects whatsoever. There have been studies that found some hepatotoxicity (caused fatty liver development) when Forskolin was administered to mice but the same has never been found with human consumption of Forskolin. As a result, Forskolin is absolutely safe for human livers.

In fact, the plant itself – known as Coleus Forskohlii, Plectranthus Barbatus or Indian Coleus – has been used for ages in the Hindu and Ayurvedic medicine as an allergy suppressant, metabolism booster and eye soreness relief. The modern-day diet application of Foreskolin is natural and justified.

Now there’s always an chance of hepatotoxicity (danger to the liver) with impure and low-quality products. Some manufacturers are procuring unwashed herbs, contaminated extracts and what not, and often there’s little regulation in the countries where they source their product.

Considering that you need to select a reliable Forskolin product if you are worried about your liver health. Here’s a little checklist you could be using:

  • Product must have no additives
  • No colorants
  • US-made
  • Having positive reviews.

Right now the Apex Vitality Forskolin seems to be the the best forskolin brand at the moment. They are also running a $70 off promo where you get the first month’ supply by paying just the $4.99 shipping fee – click here and see if you qualify for the deal!

All in all if you select your supplement brand carefully and regularly supplement quality Forksolin extract, you should be safe no matter what your age or physical fitness level is. However, stay off Forskolin if you are pregnant or nursing, as there are some other aspects of Forskolin’s chemistry working there.

If you are conscious of your liver health here’s a good video to remind you of some of the basic principles of liver care, watch it now and please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments!





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    Melissa - December 14, 2015

    Great tips on forskolin extract brand selection! US-made is not always a MUST but it’s the easiest way to weed out fake and generic offers, so a good guideline anyway.

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