Forskolin Helped Grow Retinal Nerve Cells

Amazing news from the science (Found at research & Development e-mag): forskolin has helped scientists grow retinal nerve cells:

forskolin helped retinal nerve cells grow

Researchers also found that adding a naturally occurring plant chemical called forskolin on the first day of the process helped improve the cells’ efficiency of becoming retinal ganglion cells. The researchers caution that forskolin, which is also widely available as a weight loss and muscle building supplement and is touted as an herbal treatment for a variety of disorders, is not scientifically proven safe or effective for treatment or prevention of blindness or any other disorder. Source

It’s amazing how much forskolin extract can do. Obviously it’s not an eye remedy or a specific eye-related cure, but it just helps cells grow and be powerful!

Basically when our cells are in need of that little extra push, Forskolin can give it to them! Imagine what happens when we diet or work out and supplement Forskolin at the same time?

Amazing stuff.


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