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Forskolin has been trending in all the major media lately. No wonder – this supplement is a natural and powerful metabolism booster that has a milder effect than any diet pill you can imagine.

However, there is a lack of legitimate Forskolin reviews and an abundance of shady marketing tactics. One company for instance was recently mentioned in the media after having used a database of e-mails for spamming them with their offers.

What do you do to find reliable Forskolin reviews? Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started.

1) [shameless plug] First, read my blog. I don’t reviews things as often as I’d love to, but when I do it’s all there.

2) stay away from fake doctors and scary titles:

how to spot fake forskolin reviews

3) Look for your reviews on forums and in groups. Use Google search operators:

inurl:forum and inurl:group.

4) Run a facebook search for Forskolin. Who knows, maybe a friend of your friend is an expert!


::::: UPDATE ::::: Following multiple reader’s requests we’ve started harvesting Forskolin reviews from reliable contributors to publish on our site. Please find the reviews we received from our readers below. Respective purchase links to buy the forskolin brand you like are listed close to any product – all are partner links so we get a share when you make a purchase.


Apex Belly Melt Forskolin Review

contributed by: Jason

Being called fat totally burns your confidence to the ground and wrecks your self-esteem. It’s even worse to be called “fat and lazy” if you don’t sweat all day long in the gym. I have no time to exercise and I’m in too bad of a shape to jump on barbells immediately. Should I just starve?

I decided to not go down that path as it brings nothing except disappointment, saggy skin and health issues. Everyone tells you to eat healthy. Still, what can an overweight person do to slim down and to speed up that metabolism if just changing the diet doesn’t seem to make much of a difference?

apex belly melt vitality forskolin review
Apex forskolin package

I started to eat healthy for periods of time and my shape was pretty much the same. I wanted to try diet pills but was scared of any REAL hard medicines not to screw up my liver. It’s always better to go for something natural. So I got Forskolin extract by Apex belly melt.

The brand might not be incredibly well-known at the moment, but it’s gaining popularity fast as Forskolin is the new best thing to boost the metabolism.

After the first month I was absolutely certain: I will renew my supply subscription. I lost 35 pounds without ANY dietary changes, just by taking the Apex forskolin pills every morning. I love it and I actually feel energized enough to start going to the gym!

The supplement does not claim to be working overnight but it’s all-natural, tested on animals and has literally zero side effects. I love it – if you have a chance get it!

Order Apex Belly Melt Forskolin (latest offer)

Rating: 9/10



Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin Review

Submitted by: Mariam mariam reviews forskolin

There are so many diets and weight loss products out there that you never know what to choose, especially if you got scammed before or had nasty side effects. Basically, everything that’s too harsh is dangerous and even has the potential to turn your whole world upside down in a bad way. So I decided to use something simple and natural in January 2015.

I tried Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin. The pill bottle came in 3 day; it had 60 capsules with 20% Forskolin in each capsule (not sure what they got now).

There was a little booklet about Forskolin – itis an Indian mint-like plant that has been growing for ages, but it just gained massive popularity in Europe and America recently.

My tip: try to get real quality forskolin supplement in order to burn all that extra fat. I’ve read that many people get scammed or get ineffective products that are full of additives. Those products don’t contain enough pure forskolin and don’t do their job right. With Slim Trim I was very lucky – it’s amazing quality stuff, US-made and additive free.

slim trim 2000 forskolin review
how the bottle looks

Personally I picked went for Slim Trim 2000 because a friend recommended it to me. I’m not sure how many pounds she lost as I don’t think it’s nice to ask, but the difference is visible and impressive. I fear the scale myself ever since I started to gain weight because of emotional eating. I guess the exact amount of pounds you lose varies from one person to another anyway.

The important thing is that Slim Trim 2000 – Forskolin helped me lose weight and what’s even better – I feel more alive. I see it, I feel it. I’m still taking the supplement and I don’t think I’ll be giving it up soon – that’s something new for me since I’m always the skeptic!

I take the capsule before morning meals, otherwise I tend to forget about it. All in all these pills work, the result is there and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

Check Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin site for a discount

Rating: 10/10


Nature’s Pure Forskolin Review

sent in by Mindy

If you are updated with the weight loss news, you probably heard by now that forskolin works great as a weight loss aid. I am happy to say I was one of the early adopters of the supplement and it helped me get slim.

Here’s what I learned: in order to get those amazing benefits brought by forskolin, you need to purchase only pure extract and nothing more. No additives, no colorants. I have to admit that I often fall for items that contain the words “nature”, “pure”, “eco-friendly” or anything similar in the label. I want to get only 100% natural products or at least some that are as natural as possible. Great part is – the tactic worked well with Nature’s Pure Forskolin! 😛

So when I wanted to get my own forskolin, I chose Nautre’s Pure Forskolin as I thought the name is so suggestive and I hoped that the forskolin extract is indeed the pure one coming from Mother Nature. It’s also useful to know that the product was Made in USA. This detail matters very much for me. However, it could have been a pitfall but, fortunately, it wasn’t. The money back guarantee was a relief as, though this forskolin was inexpensive, I had no money to waste for pointless capsules. I didn’t use that guarantee as the results exceeded the expectations.

Nature's Pure Forskolin review
Nature’s Pure Forskolin bottle

The 125 mg capsules are 100% natural, totally organic, and you can even get them for 30% off like I did. The prices sometimes vary so you have to check the latest offer. You’re in for a treat anyway. The results started to be visible after about a month. The whole thing just took a few seconds a day so I wasn’t very impatient, especially in the chaotic busy days when there were so many daily activities to do.

The first thing you notice is that fact that you’re not gaining more weight. This is the first step, but obviously there are many others that occur within your body and that you can’t notice. The second thing is that your mood improves. This is a good side effect. As long as you’re not “under 18, pregnant or nursing” (the bottle’s restrictions), there shouldn’t be any others. I didn’t feel anything unpleasant.

Then slowly the fat seems to diminish and the scale looks better and better. Now that’s something. I’m getting to a better version of me since I just started taking this and you should join in too. Forget about artificial stuff and go for the true natural stuff.

Order Nature’s Pure Forskolin online

Rating: 8/10


Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin Review

submitted by Karl

With all that delicious but highly processed food that’s everywhere around us, it’s no wonder that you can’t help it. Cupcake after cupcake, candy after candy and you’re on the road to being overweight. All those bright colors and yummy tastes simply tickle your gut and you better watch out if you’re a sweet tooth.

I’ve been there, with all the crazy cravings. You can’t control it yourself, unless you have a very strong willpower (I don’t!). And let’s face it: society kinds wants you to be fat. No matter where you go, you see fast food and sweets.

When I tried dieting, all my friends and family ate whatever they could grab and that wasn’t making things any easier. It’s no problem to lose weight when you have someone who is addicted to healthy eating to drag you around. But if everyone around you eats a lot of processed foods and sweets, you’re on your own. Funny thing, not everyone gains the same amount of weight. Bodies work differently. I was getting desperate. Here’s what I’ve came up with.

I’ve been paying attention to the whole craziness triggered by the Dr.  Oz Show where the plant called forskolin was presented as a great fat melter. I haven’t heard about it before so it was interesting to find out more. After some of research I found out that forskolin is indeed great for weight loss.

Forskolin Ultra Trim 350 review
How the bottle looks

There is no hype here. There have been plenty of scientific studies and tests performed in this matter, and that matters most to me as a logical creature. They proved that the extract is efficient against weight gain and that it supports weight loss on many levels.

Forskolin comes in the form of dietary supplements and it can easily be found online. Look for Ultra Trim 350. The company uses pure forskolin and doesn’t add colorants, preservatives or any additives that might affect the effects. I didn’t weigh myself exactly when I started taking Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin.

In the last two months I have lost a significant amount of weight. The mirror doesn’t lie and neither do my clothes. Just a bit more and I’ll be able to fit in my old jeans and get out there into the wild again :D. There are little or no cravings and I’ve said goodbye to sweets and unhealthy processed foods. This is the right path. When many people keep telling you that you look slimmer, you know you’re doing something right.

Check for a deal on Ultra Trim 350

Rating: 9/10


All Natural (Maximum Strength) Forskolin Review

Submitted by Lora

…forget about a second job, giving up other things you need or saving for months. It’s all about finding the right things. You DO NOT need to be rich to be fit.

When you feel fat and the mirror seems to agree, you’ve probably already spent fortunes on workout DVDs, diets and gym memberships. Been there, done that. You can try all of those, get exhausted and still be unable to get rid of the belly fat.

Let me tell you how you can burn all the fat without breaking the bank. High potency all natural Forskolin extract will help.

Forskolin has worked for me and it’s high time to make it work for you too. Yes, I know, it doesn’t just grow on American trees and it sounds expensive. But it’s cheaper than you think and you have the chance to get a premium supplement brand that provides 100% natural Forskolin.

All natural maximum strength forskolin bottle
All natural maximum strength Forskolin bottle

All Natural Maximum Strength Forskolin is the name of one of the best brand in the business. It’s not only the most efficient one, but the deals make it affordable too. For example, I got it on sale for $67 and I saved nearly 60% off the list price! And I’m talking about a monthly supply! It’s a true bargain.

Still, it would be pretty useless if the thing wouldn’t do its job and you would just wait and hope. Unlike other supplements that disappointed me in the past, Maximum Strength Forskolin doesn’t keep you waiting for too long (it took me 3 weeks!). Now I’m sure that the results vary from one person to another.

However, in my case we’re talking about 11 pounds in about a month. I didn’t sweat in the gym, nor ate half an apple a day. I just went on with my regular diet and hoped that this supplement will give a hand too. This is a very pleasant surprise.

Though I didn’t keep my hopes high, All Natural Forskolin works. Moreover, it gave me an energy boost that I didn’t really expect. I’ve always been addicted to coffee, but now it seems that I have more energy than ever and I drink less than ever. Anyone should try it. It’s inexpensive so you don’t have to invest anything than a few dollars and some clicks here and there. Not to mention that the whole thing takes just two seconds a day. This Maximum Strength Forskolin is the right thing.

Order All Natural Max Strength Forksolin Now

Rating: 9/10


4 thoughts on “Forskolin Reviews

  1. Reply
    Matt - July 11, 2015

    Wow, nice find Melissa! I almost fell for that “doctor” shopping for a muscle supplement. Surprised she is doing forskolin reviews first – thanks for warning!

    I see your site redirects to Slim Trim forskolin offer though, I’m willing to give it a shot, is it alright?

    1. Reply
      Melissa - July 11, 2015

      Matt – thanks for the comment.

      Yeah when shopping online and sifting through hundreds of product reviews one needs to be constantly alert.

      Slim Trim is a very decent product and at a good price. Give it a shot!

  2. Reply
    Nat - March 18, 2016

    Great stuff. Most of the reviews online are fake though, how do you make sure these forskolin reviews are up-to-date?

    1. Reply
      Melissa - March 23, 2016

      Well, these are in fact user-submitted and we trust our audience. We can’t check them obviously since it’s nearly impossible to try every supplement out there.

      When browsing Forskolin reviews on Amazon though it’s easy to spot fake reviews – look at the ratio of 5 star reviews to 1 star reviews. If they are nearly equal you know the product is bad and it’s pumped with fake reviews.

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