Forskolin Side Effects

Just to get the first things out of the way: any possible side effects that taking Forskolin may have are not as bad as staying fat.

Seriously, I’ve seen OBESE, even MORBIDLY obese people with diabetes, metabolism problems, bad skin, lousy gut flora (yikes) and horrible teeth get SO suspicious of simple things like herbal teas, incense or dried berries – it blew my mind. I mean, the only thought I had inside was – “do you guys think it can get any worse? you are basically half dead and you don’t even fit in a coffin!” But yeah patience wins and education conquers fear.

Forskolin is one of those supplements that have basically zero side effects. This is it in a nutshell – so if you are generally healthy and never had any issues before check out Forskolin reviews or the best brand Forskolin, otherwise read on.

Possible side effects of Forskolin supplementation.

blood pressure

Treating heart conditions has been long since one of the most popular applications of Forskolin. Blood pressure, angina, chest pain and the like – if you have those conditions and you are taking medication for them, consult a doctor before taking Forskolin. Basically, Coleus Forskohlii lowers blood pressure, and any hypertension-combating medication may be amplified by Forskolin extract. Stay on the safe side and consult a professional.


If you have a bleeding problem or are undergoing surgery, skip Forskolin until you’re better. Forskolin extract makes your blood more thin which might increase any present bleeding. While reduced blood clotting is normally a good thing, if you have open wounds you need them to heal faster – so – no Forskolin.


There’s very little evidence, but some sources claim high doses of Forskolin extract may interfere with or slow down the development of the fetus. Do not take Forskolin extract if you are pregnant. And frankly, pregnancy is not the best time to diet or worry about weight loss – you need to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients and grows healthy.


Again, there’s little information about Coleus Forskohlii’ effect on mother’s milk, so most medical professionals advise to stay on the safe side and discontinue taking Forskolin while breastfeeding.

Additives, colorants, packaging.

Some side effects might be not Forskolin-specific and originate from low-quality products. Some colorants have proved to be harmful, also the ingredients may not be thoroughly washed before extraction – the list of possible issues is long. All these dangers are not typical for Forskolin only – you can get unnecessary stuff in any supplement.

To avoid ingesting things that are not good for you stick to highest quality Forskolin extract only. Check the reviews or order the best brand featured on our homepage – and you’ll be fine!


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    Bones - March 17, 2016

    Worth noting the GI effects – most of the users have been getting upset GI for a while – but that passes. Totally worth it tho!

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