Low Carb Diet And Forskolin

low carb diet and forskolin If you are a nutrition enthusiast or simply looking for ways to feel less heavy, you’ve heard of the low carb diet lately. It’s been trending in the media for a while already, sometimes called as “protein diet” or “paleo diet”. Paleo is slightly different though, but one can say it’s also based on prevalent proteins and fats while cutting down your carb intake to the minimum (especially the refined sugars).

What is the main premise of a low carb diet? To let your body get its’ energy from proteins and fats more than from carbs.

Grain, sugars, fruit and the like are cut in favor of meats, fish, nuts and the like.

The idea is that proteins get digested slower and your body gets a smooth flow of energy. Opposed to carb-dominated diet that gets a lot of energy fast and has to store it in fat cells, low carb diet helps you achieve your weight loss goals better.

Forskolin is a great addition to the low carb diet as well, just as much as it works with any other diet. Forskolin stimulates your thyroid gland, speeds up your metabolism and helps your body process excessive fat and burn it.

Naturally, if you have a health condition that might cause issues, consult a doctor before supplementing Forskolin (or any other herb extract), but generally taking Forskolin while experimenting with a low-carb diet is absolutely safe.

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