Forskolin and GI distress

Forskolin is an amazing natural supplement to lose weight, we all know tht by now.

Moreover, bodybuilders use forskolin to pack on lean muscle mass – since this extract acts as a mild testosterone booster and speeds up your metabolism.

Normally Forskolin has no side effects, but some people report gastro-intestinal tract distress (diarrhea mostly as well as frequent stools). The side effect is not frequent and mostly bodybuilders report it, which means those are people that already take a lot of various supplements that load their GI system.

Interestingly enough, not all brands receive the diarrhea complaints. Mostly Forslean is reported to cause that, which could be caused by unclean product batch or some additives.

This emphasizes the importance of selecting a good Forskolin product. Your pills should be clean and coming from a reputable provider, preferably USA-based. The special offers we list on our site are always quality products, so check out our latest Forskolin pick.

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