Why You Need Pure Forskolin Without Any Additives

If you know that a certain plant or extract has beneficial properties, never settle for less than purity. Many manufacturers have the bad habit of filling the supplements with cheap and unnecessary additives. This wrong move deeply affects the quality of the product and lowers its effects. It can even get dangerous if you’re allergic to a certain compound.

If you decided to supplement Forskolin and buy Forskolin extract, look for a brand that sells pure extract – you don’t want any other additives in your pills. Contrary to what the product’ sales pages may be stating, none of the additives are really necessary for the Coleus Forskohlii extract.

avoid colorants and other additives in your Forskolin

A study performed in July 2013 concluded that many herbal products contain a surprising amount of additives. This is not only disrespectful to the paying customers but it can also pose a threat to their safety, as there are certain health risks associated with herbal extracts additives. Here’s a couple of the most frequent threats:


Additives might be allergenic. Soy, wheat or walnuts can trigger severe allergic reactions. Their presence is not justified anyway, except for substituting a valuable herb with a cheaper but pointless ingredient. Some supplements might also contain gluten or lactose. All the supplements need to be hypoallergenic. You should also check if they’ve been tested on animals. The most relevant tests are being made on human volunteers.


Artificial colors are among the most frequently used additives. Their purpose is to make them look more appealing. A capsule is a capsule despite of its color. Many artificial colors are made from coal tar, which is used for purposes like outdoor paints and it can be toxic. Beware for artificial flavors such as sweeteners as well.

GMOs (unknown and unexplored effects)

Genetically-modified organisms are also an unwanted but common addition. Maltodextrin, dextrose, soybean oil or sugars that are listed on the label most likely contain GMOs.

Water, glycerine or starch are also often added to Forskolin supplements to reduce the amount of active ingredient. Coatings, preservatives and calcium salts might be encountered as well.


Whenever you want to buy Forskolin, look for pure Forskolin. It should be 100% natural and organic. It shouldn’t contain any kinds of additives. It needs to be standardized with at least 10% extract and the manufacturer should ensure the complete purity of the product. Forskolin is incredibly effective in the war against weight gain, but it’s essential to take the proper dosage of pure Forskolin. Look for a company with proven results and satisfied customers that engages in delivering only clean Forskolin supplements. Apex Vitality is a great example of a quality brand – this is a solid brand that meets all quality requirements, so if you see a promo on their website – jump on it!